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Due diligence

Strategies described in The Art of War by master Sunzi repeatedly stress the importance of good understanding of the adversary before launching an attack. In the context of the complex Chinese business environment, it is advisable to understand the counterparty as thoroughly as possible. In the Chinese environment, due diligence is always appropriate.

Preparation for negotiations

We are happy to discuss with you what results you want to achieve and what outcome you want to avoid in an upcoming negotiation, and we will recommend an appropriate strategy. We will tell you what to stress, what to pay attention to and what to avoid and comprehensively prepare you for the negotiation.

Training and education

We can prepare a company training on a particular aspect of the Chinese business environment. We will explain to you what to expect, what to do and what to avoid. We will walk you through Chinese etiquette, Chinese culture and Chinese business practices the way they are on the ground, in a balanced way by making sure you are prepared for the good and the bad.

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