Language services

Language services

Surpassing the language barrier is a necessary condition for success of your activities in China. The experience with various industries and situations allows us to provide language services that will help you overcome both language and cultural barriers. In any type of communication, we consider it our obligation to warn you about the points of potential misunderstanding.

We provide written translation, both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting during meetings and conferences, website, and software or mobile apps localization between English, Chinese and Czech.

Many entrepreneurs with a long history of activities with China feel that it is impossible to communicate with the Chinese. That could be because they did not find a suitable interpreter. Some interpreters tend to adjust what the client say to “help facilitate the communication” and sometimes even take over the communication. Another common problem is that the counterparty seems to react to something else than what the speaker says.

The art of interpreting is finding the balance between the literal word for word translation and conveying the meaning, in order to reach the level of understanding the speaker wants. The interpreter ideally fulfils the function of a cultural guide as well.

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