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For your problems in China

About the company

We provide support and protection to companies, institutions and individuals operating in China, facing legal and informal risks.

The scope of activities makes us unique in our home country the Czech Republic, providing drafting and revision of contracts, negotiation and mediation in both legal and informal disputes or preparing strategy and materials for lawsuit or arbitration.

                Our deep understanding of the Chinese environment, law, and different business segments allow us to help you avoid or solve the problems you can encounter doing business in China.


Legal support

A good contract is the foundation of any business cooperation, and it is true for China as well. Do not believe those who say that a contract means nothing in China.

A well composed contract can protect your interests and can avoid compliance issues in case of a dispute.


Language services

Surpassing the language barrier is a necessary condition for success of your activities in China. The experience with various industries and situations allows us to provide language services that will help you overcome both language and cultural barriers.

In any type of communication, we consider it our obligation to warn you about the points of potential misunderstanding.



Dispute resolution

We hope that you will be able to avoid disputes with your partners or employees in China.

Yet, in case they arise, we recommend you not to leave things to the chance and in effect leave the initiative to your counterparty that is on their home turf.



We know how to find the information about your market segment. They are almost always exclusively in Chinese and hard to find for the foreign enterprises.

We know how to make sense of the information and if necessary, to find statistical data that will give you a better idea about your market segment, and to prepare an industry report for your segment.


Our team

Jan Körbel

businessman, interpreter, analyst

Educated as a sinologist and an economist, Jan lived in China all his professional life. Throughout his career in different roles and positions, he has worked towards creating understanding and mutually beneficial cooperation between the European and Chinese sides. Jan has worked on projects with a wide array of European companies, he has experience with operating his own business in both Europe and China. He has worked for a Chinese state-owned company. He served as an interpreter for state officials, institutional representatives, directors and decision makers of European companies of different sizes, and translated materials across industries.

Liu Ming

attorney of law

Liu Ming graduated her law major at one of the best Chinese universities and started working for one of the oldest law firms in Beijing. Among her specializations are civil law, commercial law and contract law. Among her clients are Chinese property developers, banks, as well as small and medium enterprises and individuals. Besides experience from the courtrooms, she is experienced in drafting and revising contracts, legal consultations and negotiation on behalf of her clients.

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You can contact us through email info@klchina.cz

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